Grace Abdjei

Second follow-up interview. Another borrower I met during my trip.

Grace Abdjei is an expressive and confident woman, concealing all signs of the great losses she has suffered already at the age of 32: both of her children died at a young age and she is now divorced from her husband. In addition, the lack of support at home and her difficulties in school, meant that she was not able to fulfill her dream of going to university.

Instead, she went to Accra where she worked as a maid in order to earn a living and at the same time she managed to acquire a respectable proficiency in English. This was, however, only an intermediate solution for Grace, as she aspired to start her own business in the region where she originally comes from. In 2005 she finally decided to move to Dodome Avexa near Ho in the Volta Region and about three years ago she opened her own little business selling many different kinds of snacks and basic household items.

In order to expand her business she took a loan from Village Exchange International (VEG) of GHS 250 (USD 165 or EUR 115) which she used to buy bowls for her business and thereby increase her product offering. Her small business is now a quasi general store.

In the future she dreams of opening a larger store where she will sell many more products both for her own village and for neighbouring villages. Small loans like this one will provide her with the opportunity to achieve this goal.


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